Scotland’s Campaign against Irresponsible Drivers - Supporting Victims of Road Crashes

SCID’s Objectives

To help and advise victim families of road crashes.

To seek to restructure the Law as it applies to Criminal Traffic Offences which have caused death or injury.

To deter irresponsible drivers by the imposition of more relevant sanctions.

To encourage drivers through education, to adopt safer standards.

A road death is a sudden, violent and premature death.  The bereaved are in shock, confused and are thrown into a criminal justice system they know nothing about.

SCID aims to provide practical and emotional for families bereaved or victims injured by a road crash.  Support is given by those who have been bereaved themselves.  Support is without limit of time.

SCID campaigns for:

  • The implementation of the human rights principles of Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity and Autonomy for the families bereaved by road crashes.
  • The right of bereaved families to access the investigative documents compiled following a fatal road crash.
  • The recognition in all criminal law of victims injured by road crashes.

In the immediate aftermath of a road crash in Scotland:

As families bereaved and victims injured in road crashes, SCID has first-hand knowledge of the difficulties in accessing information following a road crash. Finding your way through the complexities of a road crash investigation and possible criminal proceedings at a time when you are most vulnerable is candidly mind boggling.

From SCID’s experience of almost 30 years we have put together some information from the victims’ perspective, which, we hope will be of help at a time when you feel most isolated.

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SCID is a self-funding group