Scotland’s Campaign against Irresponsible Drivers - Supporting Victims of Road Crashes

SCID was formed in 1985 by Wendy Moss as a result of a fatal road crash in which she lost her only son.  A few months after SCID was formed Isobel Brydie’s two sons were involved in a crash: one son was killed and the other seriously injured.

Isobel joined forces with Wendy and for many years they campaigned tirelessly for families and for the much needed changes to the Road Traffic Act.

Isobel Brydie is now President of SCID and the good work continues to ensure the rights of victims of road crashes and their families.

Support can be provided by:

Telephoning any one of our contact numbers.

Enabling an understanding of the investigative process.

In appropriate cases, accompanying bereaved families through the judicial process.

Tribute to Joyce Beasley

It is with a deep sadness, I have to say that after a valiant effort fighting cancer Joyce died on 25th November 2014.

All through the past 20 months Joyce retained a positive outlook and a determination second to none and to anyone who enquired she would always say with a smile, “All is well”. It is impossible to do any sort of justice to Joyce’s remarkable life – here is a snapshot.

Joyce and Alan Beasley joined SCID in 2003 after the death of their 14-year-old son, Sam. Sam was cycling home when he was killed by a “careless” driver. Unbelievably, in 2003 any death was of “no consequence” in a careless driving charge. 

For those of us who have had the privilege of knowing Joyce we think of a warm, caring, intelligent woman, who was full of fun and laughter and who always put others first. Her winning smile and gentle tone endeared her to victim families.

In spite of her home and heavy work schedule she always found time to lend support to victims injured and families bereaved by a road crash. In 2010 Joyce took on further commitments as the elected chairperson of SCID.  This often meant rearranging her work schedule to get up very early to catch a ferry to the mainland to attend court cases, meetings with solicitors, MSPs and the like. She was a key person in getting the Dundee Law School Report off the ground.  Joyce was always “on the ball” scouring the news and highlighting areas where improvements could be made for victims of road crashes.   All this on a voluntary basis because she cared and wanted to make a difference.

In this past year Charles, our web manager, retired after many years of voluntary service. Joyce, whilst being aware of her condition, took on the role of redesigning the website with Alan. All this because she was troubled by the fact that there is very little support available for families of road crashes in Scotland.

Joyce has been a great friend as well as a colleague and we will miss her more than words can say. She had so much to give and gave so willingly. Bless you Joyce.



SCID is a self-funding group.